Pretty young Asian woman
Hyaluronic acid lip filler being injected into the lips.
Have you heard of these trends creating buzz online? Sometimes it’s a convincing story on effective Korean beauty routines, and other times it’s information about what products will make your life easier without makeup. Take a look at these 7 Korean beauty secrets we've uncovered for you.
The lips are one of the most popular places for filler to be injected. This quick, non-surgical procedure increases the size of the lips and boosts confidence.
Acne bumps on the chin and jawline of a young woman
Although everyone’s skin is unique and treatments work differently for different people, dermatologists have identified which treatments have the highest likelihood of working for hormonal acne.

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Are you tired of hiding your back because of back acne? Are you thinking of selling that backless dress you have saved for a special event because you’re too embarrassed? How about that swimsuit you’ve been planning on wearing for summer? Well, worry no more, because here are our best tips and recommendations to reduce bacne. is the digital authority on everything skin. The public and insiders alike follow daily as SkinScoop covers the latest trends and developments in skin health and beauty.